About Us


               My name is Tyler Mace.  In January of 2013 I enlisted in the Air Force under a pararescue contract.  After ten years in the PJ community and a couple of surgeries I decided it was time to get out and focus on the family.  Though I am out of the military now, I realized I can still help develop the future operator. 
              Talking with countless military members as well as both my brother and father about their experiences in the Army I learned that one thing is systemic across the board.  Mentoring amongst the armed services is sub par, and in some cases it is nonexistent.  I aim to fix that for the Special Warfare (SW) community. 

               I have been fortunate to spend the last three years of my commitment as an instructor at the 351st Special Warfare Training Squadron.  Unfortunately, it is here where I saw a serious change in the mentality of Pararescue students.  They are lacking in several areas important to the community to include personal accountability.  This problem is not isolated to Pararescue, it is throughout Air Force Special Warfare (AFSW). Although many people would like to attribute these issues to a difference in the upbringing of our different generations I think this is incredibly inaccurate.  It is up to the operators to be able to bridge the gap between generations and ensure that generational knowledge is not lost in translation.

              This is where Guardian Fitness (GF) mentor program comes in.  GF is focused on helping you achieve any goal you desire.  It is our mission to link aspiring operators to past and present operators in order to prepare them for 20+ year commitment to the community.  This program, just like your aspiring career fields, is not for everyone.  It will be difficult physically, mentally, emotionally and in some cases maybe spiritually. If you get accepted into our program you will have access to a mentor who is able to meet one on one with you and coach you in the right direction.  Additionally, we are collaborating with a nutritionist, strength and conditioning coach and a psych doc to bring as much value to you as possible.

Are you a SOF member who has transitioned out of the military? If you are looking for a place to give back to the brothers you served alongside.  Or maybe you are looking to have a hand in the development of this nations toughest men and women.  We want YOU.  Your stories, lessons learned, experiences, blood, sweat, and tears are valuable.  You can make a difference.  Click the "Mentor" link below to begin your application process.
Mentor - This link is for operators, past and present

Are you a young man or woman who wants to test their merit?  Are you wanting to commit to some of the hardest career fields the DoD has to offer but you don't know where to start?  Or do you just want the opportunity to learn from some of our nations best?  Click the link below to start your application process.