Welcome to Guardian Fitness

Why Guardian Fitness?

How Do We Do this?

No matter what selection course you want to go to it is only a small percentage physical. The rest of it is mental. Guardian Fitness focuses primarily on your mind. What makes you tick? Why do you want to achieve the goals you have set? How do you achieve these goals?

Our expert mentors give you tools that help motivate you to push each and every day.

What Do We Offer?

Guardian Fitness offers you, one on one mentor sessions with prior SOF personnel. Through this platform we give you lessons learned through our experiences in and out of the military. Our goal is to give you these tools early so you can have a successful career no matter what you choose to do.

Additionally we go out of our way to find top tier experts in their field to deliver nutrition, fitness and psych content for you to take advantage of.

Additional Opportunities include but are not limited to:

- Top Tier Strength and Conditioning Coach & Content

- Top Tier Nutrition recommendations

- Monthly Guest Speaker

- Become A Part Of Our Group Chat (Team Dependent)

I can’t say enough good things about my experiences so far with Guardian Fitness. Tyler Mace is very hands on and truly cares about everyone he works with.

Christian B.

The knowledge I have taken away from Guardian Fitness has greatly impacted not only the way I view my goals as an aspiring operator but as a human in general.

Mason E.

Working with guardian fitness has been a time of continuous growth. Many people in this day and age believe they can get somewhere without mentors, people who guide us the right way and ask the right questions, make you dig deep in search of that “why” and the truth is that many of us simply fail because we don’t have that person in our lives, and thats where Guardian Fitness comes in.

Harry R.

Tyler makes a dedicated effort to prepare aspirants for a career in pararescue. He helped me to concretely form my reason as to “why” and has given me invaluable insight into the career field that I wouldn’t have been able to receive otherwise.

Charlie A.

Tyler had a standard for his students and didn’t accept any potential candidate. He wanted to learn about each of his potential trainees prior to enrollment.

Branden N.