What Do We Offer?

Guardian Fitness offers you, one on one mentor sessions with prior SOF personnel.

Monthly group sessions on lessons learned while we are active and how they apply to your every day life.

Accountability, Affordability, Sustainability: We want you to succeed.

Additional Opportunities include but are not limited to (access to our network):

- Top Tier Strength and Conditioning Coach & Content

- Top Tier Nutrition Content

- Monthly Guest Speaker

- Monthly Psych Doc seminar

How Do We Do this?

No matter what your goals are it is only a small percentage physical, the rest of it is mental.

I have seen pro athletes quit pararescue indoctrination and recent highschool grads make it through. It is the same in any selection course. If you wish to be an entreprenuer, an engineer, doctor, lawyer etc. or maybe you want to forge your own path, we are here.

Guardian Fitness focuses primarily on your mind. What makes you tick? Why do you want to achieve the goals you have set? How do you achieve these goals?

Our expert mentors give you tools that help motivate you to push each and every day.

Why Guardian Fitness?