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Special Operations

Asset or Liability

            Most of the time when you hear this terminology it applies to personal finances.  In this case I am talking about your worth to a team.  Make no mistake, once you graduate the pipeline, you are still a liability to your team.  You haven’t accomplished anything.  You have earned yourself a cool hat and a shiny piece of metal for your forehead as well as the right to blouse your boots in blues.  When your team gets a call for Civil SAR at three in the morning on a Saturday, odds are your element leader or team leader will...


I look at this picture and I am reminded of all the years I spent away.  At the time of this picture we were in Africa and my wife was at home dealing with morning sickness.  I found the bunny at the local USO on base and immediately nabbed it for my soon to be little girl.

Back to the Basics

What makes an operator different from you?  No really, sit down and think about why they are different.