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Everyone sets goals in life.  The majority of us have set a goal that we were never going to accomplish.  For the large majority of us it is because we simply lack the knowledge for creating a good goal in the first place.  For the rest of us who fail at accomplishing our goal its because we were not ready for the internal struggle we will face when we set out to do hard things.  Lets work together to fix that!

When A Family Goes to War v1

     This post is not to diminish any of the experiences our nations warfighters have had while downrange.  It is to highlight that when we go to fight a war, a separate war is being waged at home, against our loved ones. 

     I was fortunate to be raised a military brat.  My father served in the army for 21 years and spent several of them away from home while I was young.  I watched as my mother picked up the inevitable slack that was created simply from him being away.  I remember my old man telling...

The Front Porch Test

Have you ever heard of the front porch test?  With our divorce rates, more people should think about it.