Huge Changes Coming Soon

About Me

My name is Tyler Mace.  I am currently finishing up my tenure in the United States Air Force as a Pararescueman.  I have been in the Air Force for almost 10 years now and have decided it is time for me to focus on the family.  That being said, I am not done with special warfare.  I intend to transform this company into a unique opportunity for future operators that employs former operators.  In order for me to do that though, I need to get rid of this supplement. 

There is currently under 100 tubs of my preworkout available and I do not intend on ordering more! It has a great flavor and so far nothing but positive reviews.  Best part, its going for 30% off right now.  So go ahead and get you some!

Once it is sold out you will hear more about what Guardian Fitness will transform into.  It has become somewhat of a passion project of mine. Cheers!